Tuberculosis in the Form of Anal Fissure

By | December 7, 2015
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Tuberculosis or TB is a communicable disease caused by the microorganism Mycobacterium tuberculosis. This disease is opportunistic, which means its signs and symptoms only show when the immunity of the host is low or compromised. TB commonly attacks the lungs and signs and symptoms are related to the said organ. However, there are also cases when the disease is extra-pulmonary or outside the lungs; or it could also attack both lungs and other organs in advanced cases. This fact confirms the relation between tuberculosis and anal fissure.

Tuberculosis has systemic effects to the body, especially if it is on its terminal stage or if it is extra-pulmonary in origin. These are fever, loss of appetite, body malaise, night sweats and weight loss. Pulmonary tuberculosis is the most familiar among us, but this disease also attacks other organs once the host’s body defenses can no longer contain the microorganisms. A person can have tuberculosis in multiple organs or body areas including the lymph nodes, pleural spaces, genitourinary tract, central nervous system, pericardium and skeletal system.

Although it is hard to fathom for most of us, especially without the medical background, there is a relation between tuberculosis and anal fissure. It is called abdominal Tuberculosis, and its signs and symptoms include pain in the abdominal area, which could be mistaken for appendicitis, a palpable mass in the area and anal lesions in the form of anal fissure, fistulae or abscesses.

Diagnosis of TB is difficult when abdominal symptoms are present. The signs and symptoms may not always be consistent with that of the Pulmonary Tuberculosis, the most familiar type. One of the methods to diagnose this condition is through Koch’s bacillus in the anal lesion. It should also be noted that anal lesions in case of anal TB are superficial ulcerations and not hardened. They also have a granular necrotic base that is covered by thick purulent secretions of mucous. The lesions are also painful and the patient may not manifest other signs or symptoms.

The treatment for abdominal tuberculosis is similar to pulmonary tuberculosis. It involves rigid antibiotic therapy and strict isolation in order to reduce the disease’s communicability. Because the patient is also immune-compromised, strengthening the immune system is also a priority of care. Changes in lifestyle should be done such as cessation in smoking and drinking alcohol, enough hours of sleep and daily physical exercise should be advised.

Regarding the relation between Tuberculosis and anal fissure, practices that minimize anal straining should also be observed such as drinking plenty of water and consumption of high-fiber foods. Infection of the purulent granular lesions should also be avoided or minimized by applying antibiotic ointment regularly.

We should all be cautious and protective of our health. Diseases now manifest in the most unexpected forms and sometimes, they could even be resistant to traditional treatments. Therefore, prevention is still better than cure. Let’s make sure that our resistance is high against these diseases by leading a healthy lifestyle. Diseases are opportunistic in nature, and we should not give them the opportunity to infect our body.

Healing Natural Oils Anal H-Fissures Fissures 300x250