How Syphilis and Anal Fissures Occur Together?

By | December 7, 2015
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Having syphilis, a communicable sexually transmitted disease, is already a wrenching situation to be in. It commonly attacks the immune system, making the affected person prone to opportunistic diseases. What if aside from syphilis, one also manifests anal fissure? What is the explanation for the connection between syphilis and anal fissure?

Both syphilis and anal fissure may occur exclusively. This means that one of these conditions may occur without the other. This is a known fact for most people; for syphilis is commonly caused by a bacterium that is sexually transmitted and anal fissure is commonly caused by anal straining during elimination. The treatment for syphilis is antibiotic therapy and exclusive sexual practices, while anal fissure is simply treated with increased hydration and consumption of high-fiber foods. However, as the sexual practices of people evolve and take many forms, the connection between syphilis and anal fissure is established.

Anal fissure occurs as a manifestation of syphilis. It is defined as a tear in the anus related to multiple factors, with anal straining as one of the major causes. In the case of syphilis infection, a person may also have anal fissures, but not related to anal straining. The tears have several possible causes. One is the local infection due to the existence of lesions in the genital area. Another cause may be the oro-genital transfer of the infection. Oral lesions are among the common manifestations of syphilis and they could be passed on to another person through direct contact. Lastly, the anal fissure could be caused by a systemic infection with syphilis as the main disease process.

The connection between syphilis and anal fissure is information that should be disseminated to sexually active adults. They should be educated so that they are aware of the consequences of being sexually active. Also, they will be able to seek medical advice promptly if they recognize the manifestations of such conditions. Lastly, awareness on the nature of both diseases will help them become more careful about their sexual practices.

Syphilis is an STD, which affects increasing number of people of different ages. Studying the trends in the number of cases forms concrete information about people’s sexual practices. Because this disease is commonly passed through having multiple sexual partners, it shows that most people no longer practice exclusivity. It could be a wake-up call to individuals and groups to propagate the sanctity of marriage and faithfulness in relationships.

As individuals, we should bear in mind that most cases of diseases occur due to our choices in our lifestyle habits. Our health is the product of our collective daily activities. Therefore, if we want to avoid diseases like syphilis which is sexually transmitted, we should modify this area of our life. Let us not wait until our body is already immune-compromised and we are already bombarded with several diseases all at once.

Prevention is always better than cure because the cure for diseases nowadays is not always effective. It could be due to the increasing tolerance of causative agents to medications, or maybe, they also evolve just like how our lifestyle practices take different and unexpected forms.

Healing Natural Oils Anal H-Fissures Fissures 300x250